Practice Areas

Shareholder Disputes and Business Divorces

When conflicts arise among shareholders, it is crucial to have a skilled legal team on your side to navigate the complexities of corporate law. Goldin Law Group has a proven track record of successfully resolving shareholder disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. We work tirelessly to protect the rights of our clients, whether they are majority shareholders seeking to enforce their control or minority shareholders fighting against oppressive or unfair actions. Goldin Law Group has a distinguished reputation for championing the rights of oppressed and frozen out minority shareholders. Jeffrey Goldin has represented oppressed and frozen out shareholders throughout the country and has a successful history of securing multimillion-dollar recoveries for our clients who have faced unfair treatment, exclusion, or financial harm.

Real Estate Litigation

Goldin Law Group is a trusted name in the field of real estate litigation and disputes. For over a decade, Jeffrey J. Goldin, Esquire has provided comprehensive legal representation for a wide range of real estate-related matters. We understand the intricacies of the industry and are dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests and achieving favorable outcomes.
Our representation includes claims for ownership of a property and quiet title disputes; construction negligence claims resulting in defects, delays, or financial losses; and mechanics’ lien claims.

Goldin Law Group has also represented numerous purchasers in claims regarding Seller Disclosure Violations. In real estate transactions, sellers have a legal obligation to disclose certain information about the property’s condition. When sellers fail to provide accurate and complete disclosures, they can be held responsible for any defects or damages caused by the non-disclosure in addition to additional penalties, punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees. Jeffrey Goldin has successfully represented both sellers and buyers in claims related to violations of Seller Disclosure Laws.

When you choose Goldin Law Group for your real estate litigation and dispute needs, you can expect dedicated and personalized legal counsel. We are committed to protecting your interests, pursuing justice, and securing the best possible outcome for our clients.

Contracts and Transactional Representations

Goldin Law Group is a premier law firm for transactional services. Led by Jeffrey Goldin, Goldin Law Group has a wealth of experience in preparing a wide range of agreements for business partners, corporations, and individuals.

Transactional Services include: Agreements for Business Partners and Corporations;  Employment Agreements; Commercial and Residential Transactions; and General Contract Review and Formation

With Jeffrey Goldin’s guidance, individuals and business owners can navigate the complexities of contractual and transactional matters with confidence. His deep understanding of legal principles, combined with his innovative approach, allows him to provide strategic advice and solutions that align with our clients’ goals.

Complex Civil Litigation and Trials

Goldin Law Group is well-versed in handling a wide variety of complex civil claims, and we are committed to providing exceptional representation to our clients. Led by Jeffrey Goldin, we have a reputation for achieving favorable outcomes through bench trials, arbitrations, and jury verdicts.

At Goldin Law Group, we understand that litigation can be a daunting and intricate process. With our expertise to navigate through complex legal issues and provide effective strategies for our clients, we will help you tell your story.

We handle a broad range of civil claims, including contract disputes, personal injury cases, employment disputes, real estate litigation, professional malpractice, and more. No matter how unique the circumstances of your case, we have the knowledge and experience to vigorously protect your interests.

Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, and Personal Injury

Jeffrey Goldin partners with some of the top recognized law firms to provide victims of medical negligence the representation they need, including birth injuries, failure to diagnose, and nursing home negligence

Goldin Law Group also evaluates cases for victims of Auto Crashes, Bridge and Construction Injuries, Slip and Falls, and more


At Goldin Law Group, we believe in the power of storytelling. We recognize that every case has a unique narrative, and we are dedicated to telling our clients’ stories with passion and conviction. Jeffrey Goldin is committed to understanding the nuances of each case and working closely with clients to craft a compelling narrative that resonates with judges, arbitrators, and juries. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of justice and will fight tirelessly to protect your interests.

When you choose Goldin Law Group for your civil litigation needs, you can expect unwavering dedication and personalized attention from our attorneys.

Contact Goldin Law Group today to schedule a consultation and discover how our expertise in litigation and disputes can assist you in resolving your legal matters effectively and efficiently.